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Costs & Benefits

IMPORTANT: The instructions on this page apply ONLY to people who live in states served by the federally-run PCIP.

If you do not reside in a federally-run PCIP state, click here to find PCIP coverage in your area.

The PCIP will cover you no matter what health condition you have. You can’t be charged more because of your condition or turned down based on your income.

All covered benefits are available when your coverage starts, even if it’s to treat a pre-existing condition — there are no waiting periods.

PCIP Premium Rates

Premiums vary depending on your age and the state you live in. See premium rates for your state.

Learn more about your premium payment options.

What’s Covered

The PCIP covers a broad range of health benefits, including primary and specialty care, hospital care, and prescription drugs. All covered benefits are available for you, even to treat a pre-existing condition. We also provide preventive care (paid at 100%, with no deductible) when you see a doctor who indicates a preventive diagnosis. Included are annual physicals, flu shots, routine mammograms and cancer screenings.

You can learn more about PCIP coverage, including premiums, benefits, and cost-sharing at www.pciplan.com Exit Disclaimer Icon.

Help With Costs

There are no discounts or waivers for PCIP monthly premiums.

If you have limited income and resources, you may be eligible for other coverage programs like Medicaid Exit Disclaimer Icon and the Children’s Health Insurance Program Exit Disclaimer Icon.

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